WORKPLACE SAFETY, Applying AI to identify and eliminate risk.

The applications of AI are everywhere and growing. This blog could very well have been written by ChatGPT — it wasn’t. And, while all industries invest in AI to some degree there are practical applications available right now, today.

I’ve recently been growing my knowledge of AI tools that reduce and ultimately eliminate workplace risks. There exist AI video analytics engines that can scour thousands of hours of video in minutes to identify common behavioral and environmental risks within your four-wall workplace.

These risks include things that result in injuries that impact productivity and increase costs. Ergonomics, equipment struck by and near misses, slip and falls, pin and pinch zones… these are all too common workplace risks that AI can quickly identify so safety measures and training can be applied. At face value, using AI to reduce risks sounds great.

At Insur-Fi, we look for solutions that control losses. And workplace safety provides a huge reduction in total cost of risk (TCOR), and workers compensation claims, and premium expenses. Further, what I’m really looking at is keeping workers safe and actually saving lives.

Overall, AI has the potential to significantly improve workplace safety in manufacturing and warehouses. By detecting potential hazards, monitoring workers and equipment, and providing training and analysis, AI can help reduce the risk of accidents and improve the safety of workers in your four-wall environment.

By the way, ChatGPT wrote that last paragraph.  Wow, real and practical applications of AI are available today. Reach out to me at Insur-Fi and we can discuss applying AI to your safety strategy.


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